Terms & conditions

Prices and services 

1. Hostel Europa is obliged to have the rooms reserved by the client prepared, and to realize the agreed services. In case of overbooking Hostel Europa reserves the right to provide accommodation of similar quality in the vicinity.
2. The client undertakes to pay the agreed price for the services to be provided.
3. The client is not entitled to additional services that were not promised or are not a part of the original offer.
4. All prices include VAT, local fees will be charged separately.
The prices are shown in all currently valid price lists of Hostel Europa. Hostel Europa has the right to alter the price of the services according to the Code of Obligations in the case where there has been a change in the exchange rate or changes of the tariffs of other services and prices, which effect the service price. Hostel Europa shall inform the client in writing about any price alternations.


The client has to pay all services in advance into the transaction account of Hostel Europa, or on arrival in cash or with credit/payment card.
In the case of early departure or of reserved services that were not used by the client, the full agreed price has to be paid.
In the event of any charges remaining unpaid Hostel Europa has the right to charge for the costs remaining plus a statutory defined interest for late payment.
Hostel Europa reserves the right, to confirm the validity of his/her credit card before the arrival of the guest.
The date of payment is regarded as that when the client makes the payment during check-in at reception of
Hostel Europa or in advance to the transaction account of Hostel Europa.

Staying with children
Any child, regardless of age and agreed discounts, must have valid travel documents. The age of the child is considered as the age on the day of the commencement of the service, not the age on the day of the application.

Staying with pets
Pets are welcome at Hostel Europa.

Customer's withdrawal from reservation

In the event of a cancellation this must be provided in writing (or by e-mail). In case of cancellation, the client is obliged to pay any costs of Hostel Europa, as mentioned in the second paragraph of this article of the General terms and conditions. In the case where there is no written cancellation the client will be obliged to pay the total agreed amount, even where the client has made no use of the services. The client will also be obliged to pay all costs for any reserved beds for guests who did not arrive and were not cancelled in accordance to the rules and timeframe, as set out in the contract and/or the General terms and conditions.

Following a cancellation the following terms are valid for individual guests:
The reservation may be cancelled without a surcharge up to 2 days before arrival. In the case that the reservation is not cancelled before 20.00 hrs. (local time at the hostel) on the arrival date, the client will be charged for one night stay, if the reservation is not cancelled, the client will be charged for the total amount of the price of agreed reservation.

Hostel Europa also reserves the right not to accept the reservation in case of outstanding debts from previous reservations.

Hostel Europa may withdraw from the reservation by reason of force majeure, or when the reservation is made based on misleading or false information or due to a breach of the General terms and conditions.

Guarantee, handover and the return of the room 

1. The client has no right, to claim the preparation of a specific room, although Hostel Europa will make effort to take customer's wishes into consideration.
2. The reserved room is available for the customer from 16.00 hrs. on the agreed check-in day. Reception is open from 08.00 until 12.00 hrs. And from 16:00 till 20.00 hrs from 1.5 till 1.10 of the year, in out season the reception works on call between 16:00 and 20:00
3. The client must vacate the room by 10.00 hrs.(from 1.5 till 1.10 by 12:00hrs) on the day of departure and leave the key at the reception. If the customer exceeds this time, Hostel Europa may demand the payment of a further overnight stay in amount of 100 %.
4. Guests arriving after 20.00 hrs. must notify Hostel Europa regarding this at least one day prior to or on the check-in day by 12.00 hrs at latest in order to make arrangements regarding the takeover of the room.
5. If the client wishes to prolong the stay, it is necessary to notify Hostel Europa about this at least 24 hours prior the agreed checkout, the services must be settled before the extension of the service can be granted.
6. If the client occupies the room and then leaves it without taking advantage of the overnight stay, he/she will still be charged for full price of overnight stay.
7. If the client reserves a room for a longer period of time and leaves it before the expiry of the agreed deadline, he/she will be charged for the complete value of overnight stays for the reserved time period, except when leaving before the expiry of the deadline due to force majeure or illness.

Claims and complaints

Each client is entitled to a claim or to complain as a result of inadequate service. The client must file a written claim within 8 days from the date the service was improperly carried out. In case the client misses the statutory deadline for filling a complaint, Hostel Europa will not honour such a complaint. Without a written claim Hostel Europa will not consider requests for price reductions or other requests. The written request must be accompanied by relevant evidence of the actual situation, on which basis the client sets his/hers claim.
Hostel Europa will not take into consideration a common claim, signed by several contractual parties of one claim case. In case any deficiencies can not be solved at the time and the program or service could not be carried out as a result of the fault of Hostel Europa , the client has the right to cost reimbursement, to the maximum amount of the actual value of unperformed services or according to the relevant provisions of the Consumer protection Act, except in case when Hostel Europa has the right to cancel or change the travel package.

Hostel Europa is obliged to give a written response to any given claim within eight days of its receipt or within an offered deadline, necessary to obtain information regarding the cause of the claim. Unless Hostel Europa does not reply within the requested period, the client may not solicit the intervention of any other person, juridical institutions or provide information to any public media.

Use and protection of information obtained

Hostel Europa will protect all acquired customer data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. It is assumed that the client consents the use of this data for statistical purposes and for offering information by signing the application form – with the reservation. In the case the customer does not agree with this, he/she must specify this upon the application for the services.

House rules 

In our Hostel, you can check-in after 16:00 every day. When you arrive you pay your stay in advance and at the same time we will request a deposit of 20€ for:
  • keys
  • sheets
  • towels
  • respecting the house rules

You have to check-out from your room up to 12:00 on the day of your departure.
When you leave, you have to make sure the room is empty and that you have fully checked-out by 12:00. In the case you do not check-out by 12:00 you will be charged an extra day.

Breakfast is from 8h to 12h.

The reception is open from 8 to 12h and from 16 to 22h. If your arrival is after 20h you must notify us in advance. From Monday to Sunday, between hours 23h and 6h in the morning we request that you are as quiet as possible. At this time please do not disturb the staff or other guests if it is not needed.

A reserved room will be waiting for you till 8pm of your expected arrival. If there are no additional notifications of your late arrival after the requested time, the space will be considered not used and thus up for reservation by others. In the occasion of a late arrival without any notification or reservation we will do our best to give you a place to stay in our hostel.

We kindly request that you do not damage or remove any of the property in the room or the guest staying in the hostel. Do not change the setup of the room in any shape or form. The guest is responsible for any damage that he creates or was created by an individual that was in his supervision or his visitor from the outside. In the case of intentional damage, we take your bail money and give you the total amount of cost to pay for the damage created by the individual or guest.

In the case of not respecting the house rules, the following action will be taken:
  • temporary or full entrance denied to the hostel.
  • Requesting removal out of the room and hostel.
  • Keeping your bail money
  • Calling the police

In the case that the guest does not agree, the damage is examined and resolved by a normal legal process in the court of Piran.

Each of our guests gets a free sheet and a towel to use for their stay. They can change it for new fresh ones after at least 5 days of stay.

We are not responsible for any injuries of the guests.
Ingesting any alcoholic drinks is only permitted in the dining area. Eating and storing any kind of food in the rooms is forbidden. You can have guests of your own between hours 12h and 20h in the dining area or the outside bar. It is strictly forbidden for people that are your guests to stay overnight and are not registered or have not paid for their stay. Any forbidden drugs, substances or weapons are strictly forbidden in the hostel. If found, it will be taken and reported to the police.

We kindly ask of you that in the time of your absence from your room, that you leave the key at the reception desk. Make sure that you keep any valuable items hidden, locked or with you at all times. We are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your property in our hostel.


Respect the other guests and treat them the way you want to be treated. 

Fire regulations and codes of emergency exits are posted. Find out about the locations of fire extinguishers, follow the instructions fire order and follow the instructions of staff.

The use of any heating or cooking appliances in the rooms are strictly forbidden because of safety issues. Smoking is forbidden all over the hostel except the terrace outside.

The staff have the right at any moment in time of your stay to check if you are respecting the house rules. If you need any extra information feel free to ask the staff at the reception desk.