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Europa hostel Portorož is only 20 meters away from the main bus station, and there you can get a bus that will take you in any part of Slovenian seaside that you would like to see. Our hostel is great for cyclist, because we offer bicycle storage, and we can recomend many bicycle trails from our hostel, to many beautiful turists destinations that seaside can offer. We also have many footpaths, for those who like to descover nature by foot and enjoy fresh air while takeing a trip on a footpath called “parenzana” from portorož to izola in one way or from portorož to croatian boarder. Or you can just take a walk by the sea and let the healing sea air do its magic. For those who are looking for more adrenaline adventures, our hostel stands only 6 km away from the airport where you can take panoramic flight.

Most importantly Europa hostel Portorož is only across the street (50 meters) from the main and most popular beach in portorož. you can go on a part that has sand, grass, concrete or you can lay down on one of our many piers to relax on a warm spring, hot summer or plesent fall day.


Portorož is a seaside tourist town, known as a bath
Portorož, Sloveniaand thermal resort known through all the Europe. Hotels, wellness centers, selected shops and sophisticated restaurants makes Portoroz jewel of northern Adriatic.The main street in Portorož is Obala, which takes place from Lucija to Bernardin, in between all the best hotels and casinos of the city.

Strunjan and Sečovlje pans

Today, there are only remaining Strunjan andSečovlje pans Sečovelje pans. The pans have many birds to nest (90), while just living there even more (272 types). Taking a guided tour trough Sečovlje pans, you can learn about the work of saltworker, methods of processing the salt, you can try yourself harvesting, and later, in the beerhouse “salt flower “you can refresh yourself with a little snack or just buy some souvenir.


The path of health and friendship is suitable for all Parenzanathose who want to learn about the history of the coastal towns, discover the natural beauty of the coast and see the beauty of the hinterland. The path follows the old narrow-gauge railway Porečanka (PARENZANA) which connected Trieste with Porec and over the years has become a symbol of friendship between the Slovenes, Croats and Italians.


Koper is a city with great historical and cultural value.Koper, SloveniaOld town reflects the typical appearance of the Venetian cities with their voltage, low input, and various symbols carved in stone which indicated the family. Walking around Koper and the main square (Titov trg) can be viewed Praetorian Palace, the Gothic palace of the XV century Church from 1400 lombardeschi door are various murals of Arca and Alabastro from San Nazario di De Sanctis. Koper is located just 20km from italian border


The town of Izola was established on a small island
Izola, Sloveniaby refugees from Aquilera in the 7th century . The coastal areas of Istria came under Venetian influence in the 9th century. In 1820, a thermal spring was discovered in Izola, leading to the town’s earliest forms of tourism. Between 1902 and 1935 the Parenzana, a narrow-gauge railway line connected the town to Trieste and Poreč.

Stone sculpture in the open air (Seča)

An exhibition of stone sculptures in the open air isImage titlelocated on peninsula Seca near Portoroz, the collection was formed in the early 60s, and with the annual meeting of international sculptors became more numerous. There you can see 120 sculptures, at the spot and the others were transferred to Koper, Izola and Piran.

Airport Portorož 

Airport Portorož during the season works every dayImage titlefrom 8.30 to 20s, in the winter of 8ih 16.30.
It is a small tourist airport (1200m runway) with duty free shop, a restaurant, rent a car, taxi, offers a panoramic tours and flight school.

Address: sečovlje 9, 6333 Sečovlje, tel. + +386 5 617 51 40, fax: + +386 5 672 25 30
e-mail: info@portoroz-airport.si, www.portoroz-airport.si


Jewel of Gothic architecture is Piran,with its narrow Image titlewhere tourists are crowded in high season. name comes from the Greek word which means fire PYR.Piran was always lit at the tip of the ship which traveled in Koper.History of Piran goes well in the old Greek times, as witnessed in well-preserved city walls which protected the town already in medieval times.To learn more about, visit the town archives which is one of the riches countries and browse the documents referred to XII.Century.